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At Luba Investments, we are all about doing what it takes to make each and every one of our clients happy. Our mission is to always go above and beyond in order to please. We take this role because we realize that we are only as successful as we help our clients to be.

Although we have a proven track record of helping customers around the world, we are turning our focus to the U.S. market. We are a young and energetic company that has helped many clients in a variety of creative ways. Our approach is to focus on the modern market, which is technologically driven. Our expertise lies in helping customers with their outsourced support, project management, and Internet marketing. First started over a decade ago in Europe, our mission has been to reach more companies in the U.S. market. Our office, which is located in Beverly Hills, is the American hub, although we still provide our high-quality and friendly services to companies around the world.

Luba Investments aims to always provide superior service. We do this by taking a fresh and vibrant approach that our clients appreciate. We put our customer’s needs first and foremost and aim to build long-lasting relationships. Whether you need outsourced customer support, IT services, Internet marketing, or project management we can help. We have the experience, expertise, and dynamic approach you need in order to succeed!

Our team of professionals is well-versed in the areas of IT services, outsourced customer service support, project management, Internet marketing, and beyond. Our policy is to always get to know your company so that we can effectively address your needs and provide you with the best possible solutions.

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customer support

Luba Investments strives to provide the utmost level of support and maintenance for your ecommerce site

At Luba Investments, we have a great reputation for helping provide quality customer support. We understand the frustration that can take place when you reach a customer service department where your needs are not met. We stop all that. We take a more modern and creative approach to all we do, including our customer support.

When you work with Luba Investments for your customer support needs, you can expect:When you work with Luba Investments for your customer support needs, you can expect:

  • +That you will always be treated in a friendly manner and that we will put your needs first.

  • +That our team of professionals will use creative and modern approaches to help you address challenges, problems, and in helping you reach your goals.

  • +That we may even have a little bit of fun along the way. While you may not hear that from other companies, we realize that having a little fun along the way is a good thing.

We provide a variety of IT services and outsourced customer support. We help customers around the world with these ongoing needs, and we can help you, too! Our approach is to always take the time to get to know your company, the challenges you face, and your product or services. Only then will be in a position to assist you with your customer service needs.

We can help you with all of your customer support and website needs. Whether you need to outsource your customer support, need IT services, or would like to ensure that your website is getting the traffic that it should, we can help. Our team of professionals can help you every step of the way.

Contact us today at Luba Investments to see how we can help you. Customer support is at the foundation of what we do. We have built a great reputation for being a company that is not only creative, but that provides top-notch customer support!

Luba Investments is here to help optimize your ecommerce business.

internet marketing

Internet marketing for your ecommerce site should never be treated as an afterthought.

Most businesses today realize that it is crucial that they have a website. But in today’s fast-paced tech world just having a website is not enough. You need to have ways to get traffic to that site. The good news is that there are plenty of things you can do to get your website noticed and get more traffic to it. And we can help!

Internet advertising is big business. The opportunities abound when it comes to what you can do to advertise your website. Yet if you don’t know the best approach and which opportunities to seize, you may end up throwing your money away. The best way to avoid this is to work with us at Luba Investments. Our team of professionals knows the ins and outs of Internet marketing and they can help you effectively and affordably get traffic to your website.

There are several routes you can take when it comes to Internet marketing, including:

• Search engine advertising or keyword advertising

• Social media advertising

• Online promotions, giveaways, and blogger reviews of your projects and services

• Banner ads on strategically selected sites

There are many opportunities for Internet advertising, but not all of them will work for your business. If you really want to get quality traffic to your site then it’s important to make the right Internet marketing decisions. You need to put your money into those opportunities that will bring you the greatest return on investment.

Our team of Internet marketing professionals will get to know your business. Then they can use that information to help you identify the best online routes to tapping into your target market. That way your Internet marketing efforts are effective, successful, and will translate into more sales and customers.

Contact us today to discuss how we can help you with your Internet marketing needs! Our offices are based in Beverly Hills, but we help businesses with their Internet marketing needs around the world.

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    web design

    The first step

    This is the first step in a strategic marketing plan. Having a user friendly interface with the latest in layout and design will create a buzz around your site that will get people interested – and keep them coming back.

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    Search Engine Optimization

    Search Engine Optimization is a vital tool in driving business to your site. We can help you achieve higher rankings on search engines through the effective use of SEO techniques.

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    social media

    Social Connections

    The buzz word in internet marketing today is social media. Keeping our clients at the forefront of social media is crucial to your success, so we make it a priority.

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    online promotions

    Online and email marketing

    These two tools can be the most important in your marketing arsenal and Luba Investments knows that. We will create promotional material and email marketing concepts that will convert visitors to customers.

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project management

The success of your project depends on good communication and planning

Excellent project management takes skill. It also takes creativity and an approach that fits today’s modern world. That’s where Luba Investments comes into play. We are experts at working with these characteristics. We are a modern company that is energetic, creative, and knows how to take a unique approach to your project management.

After all, your project management needs are going to be unique, and so should the approach to effectively meeting your needs.

In order for project management to be effective and successful it needs a team that is experienced, dynamic, creative, and determined. But it also needs a team that is friendly and approachable. The last thing you want to do is hand your project off to someone who isn’t easy to work with.

Our project management skills have helped numerous clients around the world to meet their goals. First started in Europe, Luba Investments has expanded to the U.S. market and is providing the same high-quality project management services that they have built a solid reputation for.

When you choose to work with us for your project management needs, you can rest assured that we will:

• Put forth the time and effort to get to know your company and goals so that we provide effective project management with a unique approach.

• Work diligently to meet your time frame and to maintain friendly, open communication at all time.

• Be creative in managing your project, so that we are able to meet your needs and go above and beyond whenever possible.

• Take a modern approach to working with your company and on your project. We pride ourselves on being a vibrant company that looks for a fresh approach.

Our project management team is comprised of those who have the skills you need in order to get the job done and get it done right. No matter what your project management need are there is a good chance we can help you out. We welcome new challenges and enjoy being able to take a dynamic approach to helping every customer.

Contact us today to discuss your project management needs. We look forward to building a long-lasting relationship.

Luba Investments is here to help optimize your ecommerce business.

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